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Ledger Live Download

Ledger Live is a related web-based tool for managing hardware wallets, enabling a hardware wallet holder to create accounts and conduct relevant transactions.

Download Ledger Live

Instructions for installing the app


Visit the brand's official website and go to the section "Download Ledger Live.".

Pick your device and your OS (Windows, OSX, Linux, iOS, Android) so, and then click on the icon; its name starts with "Download for".

Wait for the download to complete, then execute the installation file.

ATTENTION! The software will be installed with only one mouse click, and you must click on the application shortcut to exercise its features.

How to Install Ledger Live

How to Install Ledger Live in some Steps:

Open the software on the machine.

Wait for the interface to unfold, and one can locate the "Proceed" button on the screen. It is clicked, and the following window is expected to pop up.

Allow to turn on or off further the opening of a new window that will show info by clicking one of the following keys: "deny all" or "allow all". Select the hardware option (Nano S, Nano S Plus, Nano X):.

Click the Set Up New Nano button in the new window and read or scroll through the instructions.

Connect the wallet to your computer or phone with a USB cable or Bluetooth.

Click the "Set up as a new device". Click the "continue".

Please tick the box next to "I understand that you must create a PIN code and keep it secret.".

Check the box that says, "I understand that if my passphrase falls into the wrong hands, my assets are safe.".

Save and confirm the generated recovery phrase to complete the process of authentication.

Click on the caption: "Next" and agree that the developers have concerns about the use of the app.

Please be patient and wait for the drop-down menu to expand.

You may now begin using Ledger Live after completing the latter step.

! Important! If the computer and blockchain data go out of sync, in the "settings" section, open the "help" tab, and in the line "clear cache," click "Clear." Next, the data is deleted and resynced. Ledger Live Firmware

Other developers release added features at intervals within the software, therefore updating the firmware. If you log in and find that the message "firmware available" is already in the application's main menu, do not ignore it; otherwise, the software will malfunction.

Click on "update firmware"→ "continue" and agree to accept downloading updates, wait after the procedure is completed, and reinstall the application. Now, you can download the Bitcoin and Ethereum apps again.

Features of Downloadinstalling Live Ledger

Ledger Live is an app that allows you to sell, send, buy, or grow your tokens. Herein, you not only gain money by your means but also get a chance to analyze your cryptocurrency portfolio with the help of a few parameters simultaneously.

Important. There are also additional functions. If desired, you can use the currency search, hide your accounts, and reset the data in the application.


Cryptocurrency exchange

It is also possible to buy and sell cryptocurrencies in third-party operators or Ledger partners. It is even possible to purchase tokens within the app for fiat.

Just go into the "Buy/Sell" category, select the cherished "Purchase" tab, and set the availability for which currency you would like to purchase. Next, choose the medium of purchase (crypto, fiat). Enter your country, browse the payment methods given, and select the variant that suits you best.

The steps to offload cryptocurrency assets are the same. Choose your cryptocurrency and operator, then complete the required transaction.


A few clicks exchange cryptocurrency assets, as this is standard procedure. An application is opened, the "Exchange" tab is selected, and it is indicated where you will exchange what you will change, in what way, and to what address the tokens will be sent.

You can exchange with confirmation right on the wallet: pick a direction and specify the amount.

Very Important! Ledger Live does not exchange all cryptocurrencies. You can only exchange the tokens that are available in the application.


The "staking" function is the reward for their labor that makes them earn many different kinds of tokens.

How to Stake on LengerLive App:

Open the software and select any one account.

Just click on the required "Staking" button. Afterward, you get the message that the staked SOLs will be delegated to the developers—in other words, it is not necessary to send the stake to someone else's address. Next, you are shown the instructions on how delegation works.

If you're on this page, you should now pick a validator, basically someone that will validate transactions on your behalf.

Please enter the amount of the commission-included stake.

Click 'Accept,' confirm the transaction, and note that the data reflects that of the Ledger.

Finally, sign the transaction; it will be broadcast to the blockchain.

The award will not be too long to arrive. Typically, assets are credited to an account within two or three working days after the operation and cannot be withdrawn immediately.

Advantages of the program

Ledger Live offers the following essential advantages:.

They include:


The interface is very simple and intuitive.

Advanced settings that are flexible enough.

Make most of the functions as flexible as possible.

Periodic updates that give the application more excellent stability.

Works with several different devices and programs.

Supported tokens include Bitcoin, Binance Coin, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Tezos, and Stellar.

Fewest restrictions on running operations and replenishing accounts.

There is a high level of security and an absence of bugs.

You can view and analyze the portfolio of cryptos over different periods for all assets or for each IND/Token. Ledger Live is a quick and light application with a feature to temporize, which enables one to make transactions and money. Owners of hardware wallets confirm the application. This is that from the firm's website, you can easily download this app through the section "Ledger Live Download" to your mobile device and computer. More so, the app is free, and, in addition, it installs itself on a variety of other devices. Settings What do we learn about the settings? As long as you follow the prompts and instructions that are displayed on the screen when you launch it, then there will be no problems with the creation of an account, synchronization, as well as authentication. Nothing is complex since all recommendations are written in accessible and understandable language for the user. This program supports the following languages: Russian, English, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Chinese, Spanish, and Turkish.