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Download Ledger for PC

Ledger Live is the software that has been developed to manage hardware wallets. Installation of the software means there is no reason for you to carry a wallet along with you. Download this program to both your smartphone and your computer. This program runs on Windows, Linux, and also on macOS.

Minimum requirements to download Ledger for PC

Needs: Windows OS based Computer

Edition: At least Windows 8 minimum of 64-Bit.

Intel Pentium 4 processor or above.

4GB RAM or more.

344MB Unused Storage.

USB Port.

System requirements for a macOS computer:

Version: macOS 11+

Intel Core 2 Duo.


4-8 RAM GB.

344 megabytes of storage remain.

USB port.

Basic Requirements of Computers Running on the Linux OS

Version: At least Ubuntu 16.04, Debian 9, Fedora 28, 64-b.

Intel Pentium 4 Processor.

4GB RAM or more.

There is 344 megabytes of storage, that is.

USB connection.

Sometimes, it runs on devices that do not meet requirements similar to the above. It is much more the exception to the rule.

Download Ledger - Windows

The installation of the application is straightforward. You just need to visit the company's website and find the Ledger Download for PC button to click, after which you wait for the file to download and open. The rest is just the application being installed automatically.

How to start using Ledger Live: step by step

Please check the official website of the developer of Ledger.

Select the software you use for an operation system: Windows, Mac OS, or Linux, and click the "Download for" button.

Just wait for the file to be downloaded and then open the file through that section in the browser.

The installation is done automatically without any user intervention. You will only need to download an installation file using the Ledger Download for PC button, after which you can run it on a PC.

Download Ledger for Mac

The following are the steps on how to do so in details :

Download the ZIP archive, unpack the DMG file inside, and open the file.

Drag Ledger Live to your Applications folder.

Open it from the launcher or open it with the help of Spotlight to install.

Installing Issues: Try re-executing each of the steps from above.

Download Ledger for Linux


Open the Command Line to Install the software. Registration of installation codes is done, and the files get activated. The instructions on the homepage and video on the site in the section Using Support will help to solve the problem if it takes place.

Configuring your ledger

How to install LedgerLive step by step:

Click on the app icon to open it and wait for the interface to launch. In the new window, find and press the "Proceed" button.

Click on your device name (Nano S, Nano S Plus, Nano X) to enable data transfer. Click on "Augmented new config." Read the instructions and tips.

Connect your phone to the computer or laptop with the connected data cable.

Click on the entry that says "Set up as a now device".

Click the "Continue" button and check the box before the text "I understand that you have to invent a PIN code yourself and keep it secret.".

Generate and personalize the code into a PIN for wallet hardware.

Click the next step and check the box for "I understand that if my passphrase falls into evil hands, my assets will be safe."

Save the seed phrase and try obscuring it. Bear in mind that the loss of the words means the loss of the ability to restore existing cryptocurrencies.

Log in using the "Continue" button by accepting the terms and conditions of the software developers. Now, proceed to the central menu expansion momentarily.

After successfully doing the last step, you can now go ahead and browse through the primary sections of your application and make relevant transactions.

Making the program ready for use After you have installed your new hardware wallet or the one created previously, the main menu of Ledger Live will open in front of you. But do not think right from this moment you will get access to buying, selling, or transferring assets. To start transacting, one should install additional applications for working with cryptocurrency, and only after that the tokens will actually be added to the portfolio.

This is by opening the "My Ledger" section, browsing the application directory, and selecting the option by pressing the "Install" key. At the point of installation, one needs to click on the "+" sign and choose coins on the window that pops up before holding the "Continue" key.


You needn't delete the software to reset the settings within the application. You need to run this software product. In the enlarged menu down in the "Settings" section, direct the cursor to the section "Help," where down at the very bottom you will find a red-colored "Reset" button. Press the button "Hare" with the left mouse button, and all the data that you previously added to the accounts in the portfolio will be deleted by the application.

What features does getting Ledger for the computer provide?

After ledger live app operations:

To purchase and sell cryptocurrency or, with others, exchange cryptocurrency assets for profit, and by staking, boost earnings.

Allow the sending and receiving of cryptocurrencies to and from the above addresses.

See reports of activities.

Analyze your portfolio over time.

Monitor the current price of cryptocurrency assets in real-time.

Deal with and reallocate your bills.

Add or withdraw cryptocurrency.

Download and interact with third-party applications that help manage some of your cryptocurrency holdings, such as DEX, Binance, and Lido.

Ledger Live could likewise perform one function in several different ways simultaneously; it is, therefore, very versatile software.

Cryptocurrencies End

Cryptocurrencies Available for Deposit: Bitcoin, ETH, Binance Coin, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Stellar, Icon, Wanchain, Rootstock, FIC Network, IOTA, Factom, Peer.

Advantages of the program


What makes it so incredible is the fact that Ledger Live is superior to the majority of other tools, with an abundance of advantages. The main advantages of the program include:

Accessibility, Simplicity, and User-Friendly.

Adaptability and variability.

Hints in the interface.

It works perfectly with all types of equipment and applications.

Reduced constraints for transactions and account operation.

Security is ensured through biometric, PIN codes, and recovery phrases.

Firmware update and possibility of using a "data cleaning" feature.

Without any bugs.

The ability to track the portfolio of the cryptocurrency over time with respect to all the assets or for every individual token.

Ledger Live is a universal application which allows one not only to carry out transactions with his assets but also to track information about existing assets. The settings in this software are crystal clear, even to a beginner who has never dealt with cryptocurrency management software.

Ledger Live is compatible with most the advanced operating systems, has user-friendly software, and is very responsive. You can conduct all transactions with your cryptocurrency portfolio if you have a computer or laptop.